A paradise for climbers from all over Europe

Liguria is a place for climbers from all over Europe who will find hundreds of easy, medium and hard routes, all open and well equipped. Thanks to the good exposure and the favorable climatic conditions of Liguria, you can climb 365 days a year.


Finale and its surroundings are the favorite destinations of Italian and foreign climbers.

In Finale Ligure you can climb some rocks directly on the coast, you can experience the thrill of climbing to the sky with the sea under your feet. The rock is a limestone full of holes, which has often only one difficult passage in the whole trail. In Finale there are mainly routes on vertical and plates walls, overhangs and some roofs. 

The routes are for tireless outfitters in this area. It’s much more probably, because of the morphology of the rocks, find difficult walls rather than simple ones. Very easy paths can be found only very rarely and only very sporadically in Finale.



Equipped routes also in Val Varatella in Toirano

The world of sport climbing does not stop in Finale. In Val Pennavaire you find limestone walls that are reminiscent of those of the Dolomites, in yellow-red with gray mixed tones. In Val Varatella, located behind the Cave of Toirano, another important climbing area: solid rock walls and on the sunny side, you can commit, even in winter. The erosion of the limestone led to the formation of natural cavities and shaped the rocks, creating a lot of cliffs. There are 25 climbing areas with a total of 500 streets. The crag Prati di Groa, located in the municipality of Balestrino and overlooking Toirano was one of the first walls, which has already been discovered by climbers from Toirano in the 80’s. In fact, appeared here even before the development which made interesting Valle del Vero, the first bolts, but the place was hidden jealously by the local climbers and no one could find the right coordinate. Against 2008, the wall of the climbing group of Toirano was used; the group has drilled three separate rocks with a range of very different route options. That is why you find now not only plates or endurance battlements, but also technical corners, all of which are in the shade of the forest. This position allows the climbing in the summer.



Via Ferrata of artists (Artisti) Magliolo, Val Maremola

The Ferrata of Artists is a path very well equipped and in excellent condition develops along the rock face of the Coast of the Red Leaps, named for the apparent presence of rocks of reddish hues. The difference in height of about 650 meters - more than the ups and downs - up to an altitude of 1,310 m, the height of the ridge east of the Bric dell'Agnellino. Ascension is greatly facilitated by the constant and close presence of U-brackets, effective grabbed her hands and feet for comfortable steps. Security is provided by a steel cable in excellent condition and well anchored. The difficulty is the length, after the suspension bridge you may mistakenly believe that you arrived but the peak is still far, and exposure of some sections that transmit strong adrenaline and require a head for heights. Even it is considered a ferrata of medium difficulty if approached in the fall / spring with no snow and stable weather conditions, in warmer weather could become a torture.



Steep cliffs in solitary uncontaminated nature in Val Pennavaire 

Not far from the traditional territory of Finale Ligure developed many emerging climbing areas. The most versatile of these is the Val Pennavaire - south of Albenga. The best known was for a long time the massif of Castelbianco, since it has long been considered "alternative steep" to Finale. While in Finale particular vertical to slightly overhanging, technically challenging trails make up the vast majority of potential climbing, here can be found right overhangs. In addition there are many more beautiful and largely unknown rocks, already found at the end of the 90s in Val Pennavaire. A strong momentum in the new development, however, is then drawn about the millennium into the valley. Here you can climb all year. From November to the end of March, however, should prevail sunny weather, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable. In midsummer, it is of course relatively hot, the wall is often hidden by deciduous trees that provide shade.

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