Diving in Liguria is the best way to discover the natural beauty of the Ligurian Sea.

The waters offer to diving fans sights of rare beauty, of scientific and sporting interest, looking for spectacular examples of flora and fauna, but also of naval artifacts. Incredible beauty of marine parks of Bergeggi and Loano, Portofino with the famous Christ of the Abyss, Gallinara and many ancient wrecks loads of charm and mystery.

For the less adventurous, snorkeling offers many opportunities with depths and shallows easy to visit but with a rich flora and fish fauna: Portofino for black coral, Bergeggi, Moneglia, Levanto, Spotorno, Santa Margherita Ligure, Chiavari, Santo Stefano al Mare Finale Ligure with its Blue Trail dedicated to the underwater world lovers.

Diving centers, diving center with qualified instructors and equipment are available to our customers for diving excursions, courses at each level, or simply for snorkeling enthusiasts, there is the opportunity to participate in excursions to relaxing on the water surface , organize interesting and enjoyable outings with a offshore boat or sailing. To ensure the utmost in safety fun we have an agreement with Marina Diving Center and Ariaperta.


Gallinara island and diving


It was in ancient Phoenician port of sailors, Roman and Greek, in the Middle Ages hosted an important Benedictine monastery, the monastery of Saints Mary and Martin. In the early sixties, its owner Riccardo Diana, Genoese industrialist, built the docks and made a safe landing, even providing it with electricity and drinking water supply.Since 1989 the island is a nature reserve and is part of the Regional Natural Park of the island of Gallinara. It is a marine protected area which houses the most largest nesting colonies of herring gulls in the Tyrrhenian Sea.Scuba diving, that until recently were forbidden because of the presence, on the seabed adjacent to the island, of explosive remnants of war, are now allowed, accompanied by local guides authorized diving-center.



Bergeggi Island 

Even if very close to the coast, it is one of the most interesting points for diving.
The wall descends vertically up to 8.7 meters deep: crossed by numerous cracks provides shelter to anemones, small crustaceans and gastropods.
Rocky island, covered with Mediterranean vegetation, which combine nature and history. Cliffs, semi-submerged caves and bays of striking beauty protect the lives of unique and particular species, including marine plants, invertebrates and always abundant marine life: scorpion fish, moray eels, conger eels, nudibranchs, and, since the spring, monkfish. This treasure trove of biodiversity , that stretches for about 2 square kilometers, including the coral seabeds and ocean seagrass meadows, two of the features that made the place “Site of Community Importance”. It was established as a Marine Protected Area in 2007.


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