borgio verezzi

Certainly worth a visit the "Caves of Borgio Verezzi", which offer a tourist route, which winds for about 800 meters in large halls, between huge blocks broken off from the ceiling in the remote ages. Known as "the most colorful show caves of Italy" for the presence of various minerals. Many concretions of all shapes: cannulas, thin and almost transparent, fine drapes, great columns that seem to support the vault, the eccentric stalactites, which defy gravity, growing in all directions. And everywhere the colors: white, yellow, red in a thousand different shades.

The visit lasts about an hour and the temperature is steadily around 16°C. It is important to wear appropriate shoes and maybe a kway.

Do not lose the "Theatre Festival of Borgio Verezzi". It was 1967 when it was born, almost for a fun, in a placid midsummer evening , cooled by sea breezes and aromas of typical Ligurian vegetation. Behind the spectator, the breathtaking view on the Ligurian Coast, at the top the starry sky, cut out from roofs of ancient stone buildings. A so exceptional natural set has given birth and has kept over time a unique event, growing from year to year, from show to show: here has transited the Gotha of the Italian stage, here directors and actors are blossomed and then became the great protagonists of the national scene, here were born shows that have left an indelible mark.

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