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Regional Reserve of Rio Torsero
and paleontological museum Silvio Lai

The "fossil valley" is hidden in the hills of Peagna, not far from the museum. To protect the fossil deposit, in 1985, was established the Regional Reserve.
We organize guided tours to visit the reserve. The excursion is adapted to children over 5 years; the path is not particularly difficult.

Paleontological Museum “Silvio Lai”:
a collection of fossils from the deposit, is housed in the museum "Silvio Lai" in Peagna, a suburbia of Ceriale, located a few hundred meters from the reserve.
The actual exhibition was opened in 2008, and welcomes visitors in a modern and colorful setting, designed especially for younger. The visit starts from '"wardrobe", where the visitor can follow a self-guided route, with differentiated levels of study, opening the set of doors and drawers that compose the structure.

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