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Post COVID-19 news


While some of you have stayed at home for a long time, some have lived at a slower pace, others haven’t been able to stop at all throughout this challenging time. Howewe, now we all want to get back to our lives, with our plans and wishes.
Our goal this yeatr is to make your wishes cpme true, assuring you a holiday that is 100% safe.
With this as our priority, we have made some changes and introduced extra safety measures that will safeguard both your health and ours.


Checkin online

We will send you a data request for your pre-checkin online in order to speed up the procedure on arrival.


All apartments totally sanitized and completely safe:

Never before has the choice of an independent apartment been so advantageous. To guarantee the utmost safety:

  • We have introduced products recommended by OMS into our cleaning programme.
  • We guarantee your apartment will be fully sanitized and safe.
  • We undertake complete didinfection for each and every new arrival.
  • Fully sanitizez linen; we entrust our linen to a professional and specialized loundry service, carefully chosen to guarantee the highest standard of fully disinfected and sanitized linen.
  • Free wellcome kit with sanitized items.
  • Standard maintenance of all our air conditioning and hydraulic systems.

Safety in shared areas:

Safety distances: all common areas, including the pool and outdoor areas have been adapted to ensure the required safety distances.
Sanitization: will be carried out at regular intervals throughout the day, intensified on surfaces of grater contact.
Hand sanitizer: hand sanitizer dispensers will be available inside the Residence.
Mouth masks: guests are required to wear protective masks in all indoor common areas.


Safety in the pool and outdoor areas:

Extra space available: the privilege we enjoy of having so much spce available has allowed us to provide guests with more space by changing the sunbed layout.
Sanitization: the pool and all the outdoor areas will be sanitized every evening and the sunbeds before every guest change.
Water check: chlorine and PH checks every 2 hours.
Limited access to the pool but flexible times. Access to the pool will be limited to prevent crowding.
To give everyone the chance to relax in the pool we have made the timetable more flexible (thanks to the size of our large pool the maximum capacity is 45 people at once).



In accordance with the new regulations we have, with regret, decided to act responsability and therfore call of all miniclub anc entertainment activities for this summer season.


More flexuble cancellation policies:

To ensure our guests greater freedom in changing holiday dates, we have made our cancellation policies more flexible.


Residence Oliveto awaits you and we are ready to welcome you with our ever present smiles, even under the masks!

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