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The path starts from the Cave of Bàsura, the most spectacular of all.
The cave bear found refuge here, for millennia: remains of bones, paw prints and scratches on the walls, as well as prints of feet, hands and knees imprinted in the clay by prehistoric men, have been found here.
It passes the stalagmite called Tower of Pisa, and it's easy to understand why, you cross the lounge of the Witch, the Hall of the Fascio and the "Inprints Corridor" to reach an underground lake populated by blind shellfish.
After the "alabaster casting", in the shape of canes, called "the Organo", you visit the cemetery bears and the "Mysteries Hall".
110 meters long tunnel connects the Cave of Bàsura to the Grotto of Saint Lucia Inferiore, rich of salt crystals, very suggestive stalagmites and stalactites, such as the Pantheon room, the Corridor of Alabaster, the Hall of the Chapiters. The tour takes about an hour and the temperature is 16 °.
The route is simple, completely protected and easily walked, even by kids: there are, however, many steps and the ground is often wet and slippery, so it is important to wear appropriate shoes and maybe a kway.
Babies can be carried in the backpack baby carriers: there is only a narrow point, which will require the parent to bend down a bit, but otherwise the passage is easy.

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