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Arriving in Balestrino you can not help but looking up to the top and getting caught by the imposing structure of the castle which, from its position of dominance, still controls the ancient uninhabited village.
In the '60s, due to continuous landslides of the ground, it was decided to rebuild a new Balestrino further downstream.
The old village was definetively abandoned by the population, leaving to the nature the task of taking possession it.
Walking through the ancient narrow streets you notice the grass that gradually filled the cobbled paving and old empty and dark houses emit an unnatural silence.
Everything stopped in this abandoned village, the clock of the Church and the ancient sun-dial no longer mark the hours, here in the old village everything is stopped, inanimate walls that retain all their history reflecting an aura of suggestion in the shady alleys.
It is expected at any moment to hear some noise ...

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