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This millennial village of the beautiful Argentina Valley, was the scene, in the sixteenth century, of one of the most famous witch trials.
The old village, although partially depopulated and still scarred by the destruction wrought by the Germans in 1944, maintains considerable charm.
There are many places that release an ineffable sense of mystery and a great union with the forces of nature.

Walking into the alleyways, under vaults and arches carved in the rock, in the dark caves of ruined houses, it is like stepping back in time.
A sort of medieval astonishment assails you in covering dark arcades, obscure alleyways, staircases, catacomb roads, blackened by the smoke of centuries. Everything is presence of signs of the past, of destroyed blazons, of ancient footsteps, echoing on the pavement of stones polished by use.
Particularly interesting to see the fountains, cut in stone and the ruins of the castle built by the Genoese in sec. XIII, to defend its borders.

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