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Climbing in Finale

Finale and its surroundings are the favorite destinations of Italian and foreign climbers.
In Finale Ligure you can climb some rocks directly on the coast, you can experience the thrill of climbing to the sky with the sea under your feet.
The rock is a limestone full of holes, which has often only one difficult passage in the whole trail.
In Finale there are mainly routes on vertical and plates walls, overhangs and some roofs.
The routes are for tireless outfitters in this area. It’s much more probably, because of the morphology of the rocks, find difficult walls rather than simple ones. Very easy paths can be found only very rarely and only very sporadically in Finale.

At Rocca di Corno you can climb with views of wonderful Riviera
Around the tourist village on the Riviera, Finale is the most traditional and popular sport climbing area in Italy. The hills of the hinterland have plenty of rocks ready for the climbers as a perfect training for the long mountain tours several decades ago. With the advent of sports climbing in the 70s and 80s, the rock at Monte Cucco, Rocca di Perti and Rocca di Corno experienced its first boom. Over the years many other rock but have been opened and so the sport climbers can now choose from more than 1,000 routes within a few kilometers. Here you can climb all year.

The most important areas:

Monte Cucco

The most famous and one of the largest walls around Finale. Located directly above Feglino and by the local highway exit (only one exit direction Genoa-Ventimiglia). Many sectors in all levels of difficulty and, as a base just a few minutes below the Wilde campground. Often a lot of traffic, especially in the amphitheater (steep and quite rainproof) and in the central sector (more technical climbing). Most of it was probably renovated in recent years.

Rocca di Perti
Another big wall with a long tradition and many sectors. It is visible from the highway exit of Finale Ligure, and from there also within easy reach. Slightly less platy climbing, but where there are also some steeper sectors.

Rian Cornei
In this wooded valley on the back of the Monte Cucco there are many smaller walls with super hole rock. Probably the most popular is the wall Falesia del Silenzio, where there are both lighter routes in the 5th and 6th Grade - as well as steep climb in hole 7 French degrees.

Monte Sordo
The mountain between Monte Cucco and Rocca di Perti also offers a whole range of sectors. The sector Lo Specchio is especially on cold and windy days often a hint of useful relationships.

Rocca di Corno
In addition to the Monte Sordo with the Lo Specchio sector is pure expected especially at the Rocca di Corno sun. The slightly more driving (20-30 minutes of Feglino) and the longer boarding (a good 15 min.) But worth it especially in the late autumn and winter, because then you often can climb T-shirt dressing.

Placca dei Maleducati and Superpanza
The two sectors right from the Monte Cucco offer especially in the area 5c to 6c a huge selection of routes. In winter there is usually too cool and,only in the afternoon, when the sun comes around the corner, is possible to climb.

Bric Pianarella
Who wants to climb for a change really long routes, should look at the climbs at the Bric Pianarella where you will find up to 9

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