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Equipped routes also in Val Varatella in Toirano
The world of sport climbing does not stop in Finale. In Val Pennavaire you find limestone walls that are reminiscent of those of the Dolomites, in yellow-red with gray mixed tones.
In Val Varatella, located behind the Cave of Toirano, another important climbing area: solid rock walls and on the sunny side, you can commit, even in winter. The erosion of the limestone led to the formation of natural cavities and shaped the rocks, creating a lot of cliffs. There are 25 climbing areas with a total of 500 streets.

The crag Prati di Groa, located in the municipality of Balestrino and overlooking Toirano was one of the first walls, which has already been discovered by climbers from Toirano in the 80’s. In fact, appeared here even before the development which made interesting Valle del Vero, the first bolts, but the place was hidden jealously by the local climbers and no one could find the right coordinate.

Against 2008, the wall of the climbing group of Toirano was used; the group has drilled three separate rocks with a range of very different route options.
That is why you find now not only plates or endurance battlements, but also technical corners, all of which are in the shade of the forest.
This position allows the climbing in the summer.

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