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The Ferrata of Artists is a path very well equipped and in excellent condition develops along the rock face of the Coast of the Red Leaps, named for the apparent presence of rocks of reddish hues.

The difference in height of about 650 meters - more than the ups and downs - up to an altitude of 1,310 m, the height of the ridge east of the Bric dell'Agnellino. Ascension is greatly facilitated by the constant and close presence of U-brackets, effective grabbed her hands and feet for comfortable steps. Security is provided by a steel cable in excellent condition and well anchored.

The difficulty is the length, after the suspension bridge you may mistakenly believe that you arrived but the peak is still far, and exposure of some sections that transmit strong adrenaline and require a head for heights.
Even it is considered a ferrata of medium difficulty if approached in the fall / spring with no snow and stable weather conditions, in warmer weather could become a torture.

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