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La Via Iulia Augusta

Built in 13 B.C. by the Emperor Augustus in order to connect Rome to southern Gaul, the Via Iulia Augusta, in the splendid stretch between Alassio and Albenga, is a naturalistic historical itinerary among the most evocative of Liguria, easy to walk through and the colors and smells typical of the spot Mediterranean..

The first part overlooks Alassio's harbour and his famous "Cappelletta" built in 1929 in memory of sea's victims.
A few hundred meters and, among the cypress and eucalyptus vegetation, you reach the ancient church of Sant'Anna ai Monti.
Along the way unmistakable shape of the Gallinaria island, so called already by the Romans for the presence of wild hen will accompanies you.
According to legend, the island sheltered S. Martino, bishop of Tours, who found refuge in a cave facing the open sea, which still bears his name.

The island probably housed hermits and monastic community.
From the Iulia Augusta you can see the sixteenth-century tower, built on the island.
Still a private estate, the island is, since 1989, part of protected areas of Liguria.
After about 3 km, in some short sections you can still appreciate the original Roman paving.
A little further, we find the beginning of the necropolis of the Roman Albingaunum, dating back to the I-II century. d.C., whose remains will accompany you until the end of the journey.
Once you pass a bridge, you enter the territory of the Municipality of Albenga,800 meters ahead there is a funeral enclosure, covered with squared blocks, the so-called "petit appareil", a very common building technique also in neighboring Gaul.
Many of these tombs gave us large funerary objects, full of glass objects (and not only), partly can be seen today in the exhibition set up at Palazzo Oddo in Albenga.
Leaving behind the funerary monuments, you reach Punta S. Martino, near the "Pilone", a tomb dating back to the II century. d.C., and of the Roman amphitheater.
After a short descent, crossing the Red Bridge over the Centa River, you reach Albenga with its historic center and medieval towers. .

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