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Varigotti and Bergeggi Island

Famous for its "Mediterranean houses" directly on the beach, of Arab-Saracen origins that reproduce an almost unique nucleus in Liguria. Varigotti is an extraordinarily quiet place, quietly suggestive, absolutely rare: with its houses on the sand the earthy colors of the plaster and the bands torn from the rock overlooking the sea.
The rocky island of Bergeggi is covered with Mediterranean vegetation, where nature and history merge. Its, the closest to the land between the Ligurian islands and has a particular value. Thanks to its position and its conformation, a unique habitat has emerged here, between submerged prairies, anemones and corals. In addition to the classic swim at sea during the summer season, Bergeggi offers the opportunity to enjoy a guided canoe excursion.or to dive in the seabed, between diving and snorkeling.

Not to be missed an excursion to the caves: the Grotta Marina and the Grotta del Treno, both accessible only with guided tours. The Marine Cave is a karst cavity formed thanks to the erosive power of the sea within a dolomite massif. Partly emerged, partly submerged, it was also of fundamental scientific interest, because, thanks to its particular shape, above the sea level there is the main cavity with some upper branches, while below it a network of tunnels in which brackish water allows the survival of unique life forms. According to the legend here once lived a dreaded dragon, defeated by Sant'Eugenio and Vendemiale who faced him armed only by the cross. Eugenio is also known for his hermitage on Bergeggi Island.

Another medium level excursion is at the "Train Cave". This cavity, accidentally discovered during the excavations for the Genoa-Ventimiglia railway line builging, has been turned into a tourist route. To complete the Marine Protected Area there is the Regional Nature Reserve, which allows to walking in the wood of sugherate or along the botanical path, between the green of the earth and the blue of the sea.

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