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Varigotti, Noli and Bergeggi

In the stretch of coast between Varigotti Bergeggi and Noli, pink limestone cliffs, framed between the sky and the sea create wonderful corners, sandy beaches and crystal clear water.
After a few meters the sea gets deeper and allows diving for those who want to enjoy the great spectacle of the seabed.
Diving enthusiasts, but also those who have decided to approach this sport for the first time are spoiled for choice.

Punta Prodani
Located near Bergeggi can be reached by sea.
This beach, set among rocky walls, is made up of fine sand mixed with light colored gravel and turquoise sea.
Small cliffs with seabed rich in marine fauna, therefore ideal for lovers of scuba diving.

Punta Crena
wild nature and vertical walls overlooking the sea.
The beach, 250 meters distance from Varigotti's pier, can be reached by swimming, preferably with the help of a mat, a canoe or a pedal boat.
The more adventurous can follow a path that descends from the mountain to the bay, it is recommended to descend with the help of a rope.

Baia dei Saraceni
It is one of the beaches of Varigotti but more than a Ligurian beach it looks like a tropical one with white sand and crystal clear waters, a very limpid sea with turquoise and emerald shades.
Right next to the wonderful rocky cliff of Capo Noli.
Access is easy on the Aurelia, entrance fee includes the access to services and showers.

La Baia delle Sirene
a true paradise corner Its somewhat reserved position makes it much sought after in the summer season, but, arriving early in the morning, it is likely that you will find a place close to the shore and you will feel like you are in a pristine paradise.
Almost 300 steps separate the bay from the highway and this, in addition to the fact that parking in the area is very dificoult, makes it never too crowded.
You will not be able to resist the transparent water and for this reason we advise you to equip yourself with a mask and snorkel to do some diving and admire the surrounding seabed in search of some underwater treasure!

Bergeggi Island
Part of the Bergeggi Regional Nature Reserve is known for diving. It is a suggestive cone of limestone rock up to 53 meters high, an ideal place for diving lovers, even beginners, thanks to a limpid and crystalline sea, with depths rich in marine flora and fauna already at low depths. Moreover, at a depth of around 35 meters, divers can also see stalactites and stalagmites. .

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